Give Your White Papers a Chance!

Introducing Video White Papers by Webiknow

Mention the words “White Paper” and all but the most reclusive engineers yawn in anticipation. While often necessary content pieces to convince audiences of a solution’s technical prowess, your white papers don’t have to be so boring. 

Help your technical white papers realize their full potential. Engage a broader audience, increase downloads, and ensure they read through to the end by turning your black and white, jargon-filled documents into easy-to-consume, four-color video teasers.

Webiknow offers turnkey video white paper production, including: 

  • Scriptwriting from supplied white paper
  • Choice of professional talent to appear in your video
  • Adobe Illustrator Motion Graphics
  • We follow all of your corporate branding guidelines
  • and more

Why Video White Papers

Engage a Broader Audience

Deliver technical white paper information in an easy-to-consume video. 91% of buyers say they want more video content from brands.

Deliver Persuasive Content

As a long-form content piece, white papers offer a unique opportunity to dive deeper into subjects your audiences care about most.

Grow Your Audience

3.5 million people view online video worldwide. In 2023, people are watching an average of 17 hours every week. And they are 52% more likely to share video content. (Source: Hubspot)

Case Studies

"...hectic senior executives might not take the time to sit down and digest a 20- to 30-page whitepaper. They can digest a four-minute video.”
Ginger Shrimp
Marketing Director for SAP on driving +10 Million impressions with Webiknow’s video white paper production help.

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